Blueberry Hill

In business since 1966, this pancake institution, no, this pancake mecca has various locations throughout the valley–You know what this means?  You don’t have to cross the Strip at Flamingo or get on the 95.  Amen.

Blueberry hill is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with three of the four locations open 24 hours.  While you can dine on amazing hamburgers or chicken fried steak any time of the day, I recommend their plentiful breakfast.  The options vary from corned beef hash and eggs, to scratch made buttermilk pancakes, to their sinful Chocolate Oreo pancakes, and far beyond.  I’ve never tried anything that I didn’t like, and most importantly, the place has a diner feel that makes you reminisce on Sunday breakfast at Grandma’s house.  The staff is prompt and friendly, leaving nothing to be desired except more of their delicious Kona coffee blend.

The minute you walk in you will be able to tell that this family owned and operated business means, well, business.  The rotating bakery case displays the abundance of homemade desserts–that’s right, everything here is made from scratch.  Be wary of the wait on weekend, especially Sunday if you are a little late to breakfast.  Even then they are so speedy with the orders that you will probably wait at most 20 minutes, and trust me, it’s worth it.  Even on busy days the food and service is consistently great.  This is definitely my favorite spot after spending some time at Frankie’s, and to quote Tony from Dazed and Confused,

“There’s nothing like piling on some pancakes after a night of beer drinking.”

-Anthony “Tony” Olson

Treat these ladies like you would your own family when you go in, and don’t forget to pay at the counter.  Your Grandma called–It’s cold outside so get a jacket, denizens!


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