Thai Style Noodle House

Thai Style Noodle House (TSNH) is a local chain with four locations serving the valley.  We frequented the location on Ft. Apache and opted for an all vegan menu as some of my companions live the plant-based lifestyle.

As is tradition at Thai restaurants we ordered family style, opting to share since it was my first time at TSNH.  Pad Thai with Tofu, Red Curry with Tofu, two plates of Broccoli, and the Thai Spicy Noodle were our choices, and of course, ample sticky rice to accompany the dishes.  The restaurant was more than happy to accommodate vegan dishes, even switching out the Thai Coffee to a coconut milk based cream.  I would love to try TSNH again sans the vegan option, just to see the quality of the meat based ingredients, but overall the vegan dishes were great.  The spice level we choose, where appropriate, was medium (5) but nothing was overly hot, in fact, I didn’t find it spicy at all.  I would definitely increase the spice on the next round.  The flavors of all the dishes were good, as was the consistency of the tofu.  The edges were fried crispy enough to give a good texture and it took on the flavors of the dish well.

The highlight of the visit for me was the Red Curry which reminds me a good deal of my college days at UNLV, visiting The King and I between classes.  This dish was robust, spicy, and just enough sweet for a great combination of flavors.  Pair it with rice and I was in heaven–Definitely a must-do at TSNH.

I can honestly say I have had better pad thai in my day (Archie’s is my all time favorite so far) but this dish was definitely good–not complaining in the slightest.  There is just something about the thickness of Archie’s sauce that I like that TSNH just didn’t have.

Overall I would agree with most reviewers and give TSNH a 4/5.  The restaurant was clean, the staff attentive, the food was definitely better than average–great on some dishes–and the experience was memorable enough for me to write this entry.  Give Thai Style Noodle House a try–I think you will like it.


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